Wives Who Spank 2 – Spanked Husband Stories

Out now! The second volume in the dominant wife spanked husband series from femdom author Mistress Femme – “Wives Who Spank 2″!

“Does it get any better than a dominant woman who takes her husband across her knee and spanks him without mercy?” asks noted erotic author Mistress Femme, “Of course not! And my readers know that when it comes to erotic stories about spanked husbands and wives who wield the hairbrush, cane and belt to enforce their will and instill discipline, my collections ROCK!”

We agree! This series of hot short stories have great characters, interesting situations and yes, LOTS of HOT F/M Spanking! Available now for instant electronic download from Amazon, we encourage any fan of marital discipline and humiliation to grab a copy and enjoy the searing spanking action from one of the genres BEST authors, Mistress Femme!


Wife Spanking 3 By Von Leopold

The third installment of erotic author Von Leopold’s “Wife Spanking – Spanked Wives Stories” is out and tearing up the rankings at Amazon! All fans of domestic discipline and wife spanking will find something to enjoy in this volume -

“I got so many requests to get yet another volume out by the end of the summer, I had to drop a few projects and buckle down to finish this one in time” relates author Von Leopold, “I guess people really are taking their Kindles and eReaders to the beach and wanted something saucy to enjoy while under the umbrella!”

No doubt! Fans of spanked wives and kinky stories will surely enjoy this volume as much, if not more than the first two in the series, both instant classics of the genre by one of our very favorite authors. Grab your copy today!


Wives Who Spank – Spanked Husband Stories

Like a good FM spanking story?

Then this latest collection of short, very explicit erotic stories entitled “Wives Who Spank – Spanked Husband Stories” is sure to delight and entertain you!

“The idea of being spanked by your own wife, sometimes even in public is something that would give many men nightmares,” says noted erotic author Mistress Femme, “But being a professional Dominatrix for the last ten years has taught me that many also crave it! And there are MORE than enough domineering wives who would gladly comply! FM spanking is one of my most requested topics and I was only too happy to put together this sizzling selection of stories for my readers. Enjoy!”

There you go! Straight from the woman herself, so grab a copy of “Wives Who Spank – Spanked Husband Stories” today and get cracking!


A Spanked Wife Is A Happy Wife

Recently I found that arguing with my wife Natalie was a total waste of time and energy, so I switched to a new way to get her attention when I feel she is slacking in her marital duties and obligations – I spank her soundly on the bare bottom with a hairbrush and it works!

I should maybe backup and say that we have been happily married for the last ten years, having met while at bible camp and fallen in love pretty much at first sight. I was eighteen and Natalie was just sixteen, so we didn’t get a chance to move our relationship from the platonic to corporal until after we were married a year later. We have always enjoyed a good sex life as husband and wife, but lately Natalie has been most argumentative and stubborn when it comes to doing the house work and keeping my clothes well cleaned and pressed. I work as a youth councilor at the local church and need to have a clean and respectable appearance at all times, so my clothes need to be cleanly and neat, a job I insist my wife see to as part of her marital obligations.

So last month, after having yet another argument with Natalie about doing the laundry on a daily basis, I lost my temper, and as I would never strike my wife in anger, did have cause to take her by the arm and out her across my lap like a little girl for a good hard spanking. I was in the bed room at the time, so taking the hairbrush from her dresser, I took down her sweatpants and applied it to her bare bottom with some degree of force and energy. She kicked and squealed, and called me all manner of dirty names, but even she would admit the spanking had the desired effect as afterwards she did the laundry quite promptly and I have only had to spank her twice since that day.

SO, in short, if there are any married men out there who are having trouble with their partners, I recommend a good spanking on the bare bottom, whether with your hand, belt or hairbrush, to set them to right and keep your household neat and tidy.

(A confirmed wife spanker)

The Taming of Miss Munroe

Spanking Tails IV

Wife Spanking 2 By Our Favorite Author Von Leopold

It’s with the greatest pleasure that we announce that our favorite erotic author, Von Leopold, is back with another sizzling selection of short stories dealing with a very popular topic – “Wife Spanking”!

Wife Spanking 2 By Von Leopold
Wife Spanking Stories
By Von Leopold

“I got so much great feed back after the first volume came out,” says Von Leopold, who we caught up with on a recent speaking tour, “That I wanted to try and get a second installment out before the end of the year – and I did!”

And it’s hot! In this edition you’ll find husbands who cane their wives, polygamists who paddle their numerous wives when needed, Indian Princes who whip their women and of course, various wives and married women in desperate need of strict marital discipline of all sorts (OTK, hair brush, belt spanking) to keep them in line!

Grab a copy today!

I Take Thee…Collection

Dominant Women Submissive Men 2

Fans of female domination and women spanking men will undoubtedly enjoy erotic author and professional Dominatrix Mistress Femme’s latest collection of super-explicit femdom BDSM short stories entitled “Dominant Women Submissive Men 2″ now available on Amazon.

Canes, straps and riding crops are all employed to teach discipline and obedience to men, and these ladies are CRUEL! Be warned – these stories contain very hardcore BDSM practices that some might find taboo or offensive – but fun!


THE 1950s SPANKING CHRONICLES: TRUE SPANKING STORIES FROM THE FIFTIES, VOLUME 1: True accounts from the Nineteen-Fifties, the Golden Age of Spanking: … corporal punishment, domestic discipline, OTK