Bare Bottom Schoolgirl Spanking

Mr.Winksman shut the door behind him as he entered his office, he was late as usual, but determined to get his work finished so he could hurry home and watch the cup finals. He just had one last chore to do before he could leave – give young Samantha the caning she had been awarded by her headmistress, Mrs.Telljo, for cheating on her geography test.

As he entered the room, Samantha sat upright and rigid in the chair opposite his desk, her long blonde hair in a pony tail and school uniform smartly pressed.

There was no point in asking her to explain herself, he had heard it all before and it would be the usual tissue of lies and half-truths that he was fed on a daily basis by the schoolgirls at Williams School For Girls. No, it would be better to just get it done and be able to get home in time to see the kick off.

“Right, Samantha, we’ll have you bent over that chair in position, please”

She looked at him with doe-like eyes, hoping for a reprieve.

“Now, girl! I don’t have all day!” he said as he went to the closet to get the rattan cane he used to punish the unruly girls sent to his office.

Assume The Position!

Samantha swallowed hard, stood up and bent herself over the chair, bottom out and hands gripping the back of the old wooden seat.

“Right, it says here you are to receive twelve strokes” he said, swishing the cane through the air. The sound sent a cold chill up Samantha’s spine.

“We’ll do six on the knickers and six bare, shall we? Now up with your skirt”

The blonde schoolgirl did as she was told, raising her skirt and exposing her blue regulation knickers to view. Steeling herself for the blow, she bit her lip and waited.

Mr.Winksman tapped her bottom lightly with the cane.

“Bottom out, that’s a girl”

SWISH! The first stroke of the cane laced her smartly across the bare bottom, sending a bolt of pain through her body.


“Count them, Samantha, you know the drill!”

“One, sir”

He followed up with five more stinging strokes, making the young girl sing out each time followed by the requisite count.

“Right, that’s six, we’ll have those knickers down now, young miss”

Samantha hesitated, she knew how much a cane hurt across her bare bottom. This wasn’t the first time she had been caned for her behavior.

“Hurry up, girl. Knickers down!”

Caned On The Bare Bottom

Sliding her knickers down over her bare bottom, Samantha felt a hot blush in her face as she stood exposed to this much older man. She clamped her knees together tightly, hoping he couldn’t see her fawn-colored pubic hair and soft pink pussy lips from behind.

“Back arched, bottom out!” Mr.Winksman said as he readied the cane to administer another stroke across her now naked backside.

SWISH! The cane bit into her soft buttocks, raising a stinging welt and making Samantha well up with tears. SHe gripped the chair back tighter and called out the count.

SWISH! Another stroke of the cane laced her bare bottom. She could feel the burning sensation from the blow all the way down her thighs, her lips trembled and she tried not to start sobbing.

“The count, girl, let’s have it!”

“That was eight, sir”

SWISH! Mr.Winksman gave the young schoolgirl another good stroke of the cane across her bottom. He smiled to himself as he saw how tightly she clamped her soft bare buttocks together, hoping to minimize his efforts.

“Nine, sir”

SWISH! Samantha felt the hot tears low down her face, her bottom burned and stung, she reached back instinctively to cover her bottom.

“Hands away!”

She moved them and immediately felt the next hot stroke sting her naked bottom SWISH!

“Ten, sir!” She started crying and sobbing, her bottom felt like it was on fire, her tears flowing down her face in a continuous stream.

“Please sir, no more!”

“Samantha, you know we have to finish. Now brace up, two more”

She steeled herself for another stroke of the cane.

SWISH! SWISH! Mr.Winksman gave her two good strokes rapidly in a row making her jump and hop up, hands clamped on her now crimson-streaked bare bottom. Normally he would of made her count out the last two, but he was also in a hurry to get this over with as he wanted so badly to get home for the game.

A Lesson Learned The Hard Way

“Right, let that remind you to do your own work next time! Now get your knickers up and get out of here!”

Samantha didn’t waste a moment. She tugged her blue knickers back up over her stinging bottom, pulled her plaid skirt down and practically ran out of the office. Mr.Winksman returned the cane to it’s place in the closet and made ready to leave.

Stopping to turn off the light on the way out, the old teacher chuckled to himself. He must be getting old, he thought, what kind of man would rather get home to watch a soccer match than spend his time admiring the naked backside of a young blonde schoolgirl, bent over before him with her knickers around her knees? And being paid to cane her too?

“Ah, yes, age doth make fools of us all” he thought, closed the door and hurried to catch his train.

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