First Spanking Orgasm

Sandra remembered the first time she had been spanked by a woman, and how much it turned her on.

It was back in school and she was sent to the office of the Manfredi Christian School For Girls disciplinarian, Sister Harriet, a stern fifty-year old woman who seems to take particular delight in the spanking the bare bottoms of the young girls sent to her for “correction”.

Poor Sandra had been caught sleeping in class, day dreaming actually, and when called upon to report her sums to the teacher drew a blank. Accordingly she was sent down for a thrashing by sister Harriet.

Upon entering the nun’s cramped, dark office, sister Harriet wasted no time in getting down to business.

“Sandra, remove your jumper and come over here ” she said, pushing back from her old oak desk and patting her lap “I want you across my lap with your skirt up”.

The young girl did as she was told, as all the girls at the school had a healthy fear of sister Harried and knew better than to enrage her by being slow to do as she asked.

Once across the older matron’s lap, Sandra felt a finger in the hem of her knickers and a quick flick as sister Harriet took them right down past her knees, baring her bottom.

“There, now we can begin”

Panties Down

Reaching for the ruler on her desk, sister Harriet patted Sandra’s firm young bottom.

“Such a cute little bum, it’s a shame to have to punish it. Ready?”

Sandra gulped hard and grasped the legs of the chair that held the portly nun, knowing what was to come.

“Yes, sister”


The older woman began peppering Sandra’s naked bottom with stinging blows of the ruler. It stung and Sandra tried to put her hand back to cover her buttocks.

“Hands away, Girl, you know we don’t do that!”


The ruler slapped and snapped across her tightly clenched buns as sister Harriet spanked harder and harder.

“Next time you want to have a nap, you’ll do it standing up I wager”


As the burning sensations raced through her body, Sandra began to feel something else, a curious itching or tugging in her crotch. The feeling was almost pleasurable. It felt as though she had to pee, but then, it didn’t – but it did seem to grow more and more intense as the older nun continued to spank her with that damn ruler!

Spanking Orgasm

Biting her lip to keep from crying out, more in delight than pain, Sandra couldn’t help but arch her back and stick her bare bottom into the air to meet the blows of the ruler. This felt good!


Even sister Harriet noticed the young girl was starting to wriggle and grind her pelvis against her lap, squirming and soon she could palpably smell the faint pleasing aroma of an aroused pussy.

“You little tramp!” she sneered “You’re enjoying this!”

Sandra said nothing.

“Up, off my lap this instant!”

Taking the young girl by the arm, she dragged her to the corner and stood her against the wall. Pointing at the wet spot on her skirt, the old nun grabbed Sandra by the hair and pulled her head back.

“You stand there with your knickers down until I tell you” she said “I’m going to go wash this disgusting mess you made off my skirt!”

Slamming the door as she left, leaving Sandra standing there with her bare bottom red and deliciously tingling, sister Harriet made her way down the hall to the bathroom.

Once inside, she selected the last stall, sat down and before a moment was up started sniffing the fingers she rubbed in the wet spot on her dress. Then she masturbated furiously until she orgasmed again and again.

Back in the office, Sandra stood patiently, not knowing what had happened, but getting the feeling it was something she was going to want to experience again.

Finally the door opened, and sister Harriet came back in.

“Right, knickers up and get out of here!”

Sandra did as she was told, but as she passed the old nun on the way out she saw sister Harriet wink and smile sweetly.

“Next time, we’ll use the cane”

It was the beginning of a life-long love of corporal punishment that was going to take Sandra to deep and dark places throughout her life. She later became a sub to a famous lesbian Mistress and would plead to be spanked and caned by the woman – all because she had her first orgasm while being spanked across the lap of a strict nun!

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