I Saw My Sister Get Spanked

Last week the babysitter gave my older sister such a spanking!

My parents had gone out for dinner and hired Lisa from down the street to sit with us for a few hours as they wanted to go out to a movie afterwards.

Denise, my sister, and I were playing cards with Lisa after our dinner and they got in an argument over who won. I just sat there watching as I hate cards and wasn’t really into the game when suddenly Denise threw her cards at Lisa, called her a “bitch” and stormed off upstairs.

Before I could even say anything, Lisa sprang to her feet and chased after Denise, catching her by the hair just at the top of the landing. She pulled my sister by the ear back down to the couch and spanked her!

Bare Bottom OTK Spanking

I stood there watching, and I have to admit, laughing a little bit. She pulled Denise’s pajama bottoms right down and spanked her bare butt hard! I saw the hand prints show up on Denise’s buns and man was she ever crying hard! The smacks were SO loud!

After she was spanked her for a few minutes, she let her up and told her to stand in the corner with her pajamas down and facing the wall. But instead of doing that, my sister called her a “fucking bitch” and pulling up her PJs, made another run for the steps.

Lisa was fast and caught her again, this time dragging her into the kitchen and grabbing a wooden spoon off the counter top. She then pulled Denise’s pajamas down and bent her over the kitchen table. With her PJs down so far and being bent over, I could see right up Denise’s butt crack and she had hair! It was black and curly and I liked looking at it, until Lisa told me to go into the living room and wait there.

Sister Spanked With A Wooden Spoon

I did so and all I heard for the next five minutes was the SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! of the wooden spoon on Denise’s bare butt and her crying and screamming something awful. Then Lisa marched her out and made her go up the stairs to bed with her PJ’s still down around her knees and bare ass sticking out. It was pretty funny!

At least I thought so, hehe..

After that Lisa and I just watched TV until my parents got home and Lisa had to tell them that Denise was naughty and had been spanked. My mom said “That girl always needs a spanking!” and my dad she smiled and went to get some money for the baby sitter from his office.

After she was paid, Lisa looked at me and winked, then left. I think she knew I kind of liked watching my sister get her pants pulled down and spanked. It was pretty cool.

The next day Denise said she was going to run away, but she didn’t, she just made me swear I wouldn’t tell anyone at school what I’d seen or she’d kill me.

Of course, I did tell all my friends! What little brother doesn’t enjoy seeing his sister get her bare butt spanked by another teenage girl?

I can’t wait for my parents to go out again and have Lisa babysit us, that will be SO cool!

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