Mother Birched Me

Dear diary,

Today mother caught me masturbating up in my room to a website that had the most incredibly arousing collection of naked WebCams I had ever seen. Coming home early from work, she had come upstairs without me hearing her and opened my door, catching me furiously stroking my penis and ejaculating into a Kleenex. She was justifiably upset and demanded I immediately come downstairs to her office and present myself for punishment.

Mother Birches Me

Following her down the steps, I obediently went into her office and was told to take down my britches and bend over her desk. She went to the closet and took out her bundle of birch rods, and without a word proceeded to blister my bare bottom until the top of her desk was wet with my tears. After she was done, she demanded I stand in the corner with my britches down and hands covering my naked penis, so as not to offend her. I stood there for almost 40 min. before she allowed me to pull up my britches and go upstairs to spend the night in my room without dinner.

A Mother’s Gift

In the morning at breakfast, she told me it was natural for boys my age to occasionally masturbate but that she did not want to ever catch me doing it again, and if she did she would spank me in front of my sisters in the living room to teach me a lesson. Kissing her goodbye I headed out the door and caught the bus to school.

But the strange thing was, at lunch that day when I opened my G.I. Joe lunchbox, I found a note pinned to a pair of her panties along with my peanut butter and jelly sandwich. It said “Next time use these and stay off the computer!”

I love my mom!

Johnny H.
[Birched by his mother]

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