Spanking Discipline In Marriage

Ever since I was a little kid, my dad kept a paddle painted green with holes drilled in it, which he said always gave it a little more “sting”. When I asked him what it was for he said, “Discipline, son, a man has to keep his wife in line!”

Many were the nights I could hear him paddling mom when he thought I was asleep. She would put up an awful fuss as he paddled her and sometimes I would creep to their bedroom door and peer through the keyhole to see my mother across his lap, completely naked with her tits hanging down, getting her big bare bottom turned a bright red!

Like Father Like Son

Later, when I had grown to be a man and was getting married, on my wedding day dad took me aside and explained why he did that.

“A man has to take charge, son. If you don’t keep your woman in line, she’ll walk all over you. Always remember, a spanked wife is a happy wife!!”

I took his advice to heart and have followed it ever since.

Like yesterday, when my wife, Gabby, put a dent in my new BMW. One look at my face and she knew what was coming. She put her head down and trudged into the bedroom, knowing I was going to punish her. I used to use a belt on her, but I find the bare hand more civilized.

Making her bend over and grab her ankles, I lowered her jeans and exposed her nice tush in those little thong panties she wears. I then spanked her ass with my hand. When the right hand got tired I shifted to the left.

She complained that I was hitting too hard – can you believe it?

I still got 32 payments left on that damn car and she thought I was being too rough!

OTK For The Wife

I pulled her across my lap for more intense instruction. Down went the panties and I went back to work on her bare butt! She kicked, writhed and started crying, but I kept at it.

She promised she wouldn’t do it again but I continued spankinf just to be sure she got the point. By the time I was finished, she had bright red handprints on both cheeks and a new attitude about my stuff!

My daddy didn’t raise no wimps!

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