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Wife Spanking 2 By Our Favorite Author Von Leopold

It’s with the greatest pleasure that we announce that our favorite erotic author, Von Leopold, is back with another sizzling selection of short stories dealing with a very popular topic – “Wife Spanking”!

Wife Spanking 2 By Von Leopold
Wife Spanking Stories
By Von Leopold

“I got so much great feed back after the first volume came out,” says Von Leopold, who we caught up with on a recent speaking tour, “That I wanted to try and get a second installment out before the end of the year – and I did!”

And it’s hot! In this edition you’ll find husbands who cane their wives, polygamists who paddle their numerous wives when needed, Indian Princes who whip their women and of course, various wives and married women in desperate need of strict marital discipline of all sorts (OTK, hair brush, belt spanking) to keep them in line!

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Letter From A Spanked Wife

Many of my girlfriends would be quite surprised to learn that my husband spanks me on a regular basis, in fact I insist upon it! It is a wife’s duty to be obedient to her husband, and to make sure that he’s always happy. And sometimes, he needs to spank her to keep her on the correct path. If this sounds a little old-fashioned, then that’s too bad, because I feel that a wife should be subservient and always ready to tend to her husband’s wants and needs.

In the household where I was raised, being spanked was a common occurrence, my father, a very religious man, believed that young girls would stray from the path of righteousness if not spanked regularly. My mother agreed as she had been spanked by her parents up until she went away to college, and even once married, felt the correcting sting of her husbands hand and paddle on her bare bottom.

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I Saw My Sister Get Spanked

Last week the babysitter gave my older sister such a spanking!

My parents had gone out for dinner and hired Lisa from down the street to sit with us for a few hours as they wanted to go out to a movie afterwards.

Denise, my sister, and I were playing cards with Lisa after our dinner and they got in an argument over who won. I just sat there watching as I hate cards and wasn’t really into the game when suddenly Denise threw her cards at Lisa, called her a “bitch” and stormed off upstairs.

Before I could even say anything, Lisa sprang to her feet and chased after Denise, catching her by the hair just at the top of the landing. She pulled my sister by the ear back down to the couch and spanked her!

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Bare Bottom Schoolgirl Spanking

Mr.Winksman shut the door behind him as he entered his office, he was late as usual, but determined to get his work finished so he could hurry home and watch the cup finals. He just had one last chore to do before he could leave – give young Samantha the caning she had been awarded by her headmistress, Mrs.Telljo, for cheating on her geography test.

As he entered the room, Samantha sat upright and rigid in the chair opposite his desk, her long blonde hair in a pony tail and school uniform smartly pressed.

There was no point in asking her to explain herself, he had heard it all before and it would be the usual tissue of lies and half-truths that he was fed on a daily basis by the schoolgirls at Williams School For Girls. No, it would be better to just get it done and be able to get home in time to see the kick off.

“Right, Samantha, we’ll have you bent over that chair in position, please”

She looked at him with doe-like eyes, hoping for a reprieve.

“Now, girl! I don’t have all day!” he said as he went to the closet to get the rattan cane he used to punish the unruly girls sent to his office.

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