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Spanked For Phone Sex

You would not believe what I caught my daughter doing up in her room the other day after mass! She was talking on the phone to some strange man and pretending that she was licking and orally manipulating his penis with her tongue, something so foul and forbidden it must’ve been inspired by Satan himself as I know our church teachings would never allow such a repulsive thing.

The Devil Made Her Do It

I immediately made her hang up the phone and confiscated her cell phone at the same time. I then ordered her to take down her jeans and lay across the bed with her arms outstretched in front of her, the position I always use when I must administer corporal punishment to my daughter. Taking my leather belt from my pants I proceeded to whip her naughty bottom repeatedly while making her recite the Lord’s prayer and beg forgiveness for such terrible behavior. But I didn’t stop there, after a few minutes of this I instructed her to take her underwear down to and bare her bottom to receive the Lord’s punishment and discipline.

Where did she learn such a thing? Apparently there is a phone service that hires girls to pretend they’re having oral sex with men who call and do things that no father would ever want to know his young daughter was capable of, something I blame modern liberal education and a godless media for! The idea that young girls can do such things, or indeed even have the knowledge of such degenerate behavior is something that no society can be proud of and if more parents took a firm hand, and belt, we would see such behavior cease in no time.

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After I had spanked her good and hard on the bare bottom with my leather belt for another ten minutes, I instructed her to stand in the corner with her naked bottom exposed as I read from the good book some relevant passages about a father’s duty to discipline his daughter and correct her wayward ways in all things sexual. She claimed that there was no such passages in the good book and that I simply made them up as an excuse to see her naked young flesh and spank her with a belt, something I admit I have done frequently over the last three months as I have seen her drift towards a questionable lifestyle wearing makeup and going to the mall with her slutty young friends.

If there are any parents out there who think my methods are used right and that I should allow my daughter to act like a harlot at such a young age, I simply will tell them that if they took the rod in hand and chastised the child properly, the world would be a better place and that there is no shame in the father seeing his daughter naked if it is to spank and discipline her in the proper fashion. Even Father Brown down in the church agrees and says that he often makes his daughter stand naked in the living room as he is chastises her with the cane while making her recite passages from the Bible, something I feel more parents should do despite what the liberal media would have one believe – which is that all things are allowed and that young girls should be allowed to act as brazen hussies and shameless harlot’s in the eyes of the Lord.

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