Wife Spanking 2 By Our Favorite Author Von Leopold

It’s with the greatest pleasure that we announce that our favorite erotic author, Von Leopold, is back with another sizzling selection of short stories dealing with a very popular topic – “Wife Spanking”!

Wife Spanking 2 By Von Leopold
Wife Spanking Stories
By Von Leopold

“I got so much great feed back after the first volume came out,” says Von Leopold, who we caught up with on a recent speaking tour, “That I wanted to try and get a second installment out before the end of the year – and I did!”

And it’s hot! In this edition you’ll find husbands who cane their wives, polygamists who paddle their numerous wives when needed, Indian Princes who whip their women and of course, various wives and married women in desperate need of strict marital discipline of all sorts (OTK, hair brush, belt spanking) to keep them in line!

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Daughter Spanked For Getting A Tattoo

My youngest daughter, Amanda, came home from the mall yesterday with the most disgusting and completely inappropriate tattoo I had ever seen. Written across the small of her back, was the image of two cherries joined by the stem, underneath which were the words written “taste my black cherry.” What exactly this was supposed to mean, was totally lost on me, but I’m sure it was some juvenile sex slang and I was not about to tolerate seeing it tattooed on my daughter’s backside.

When I confronted her about it, she dismissed it as being her business, and stated that she was old enough to make such decisions for herself! Not if she was to be living in my house, dammit! It was obvious that she needed her bare young bottom spanked good and hard by her mother to make her see the light!

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Wife Spanked With A Fly Swatter

Mr. Gordon is the second Assistant Manager of an electronics firm in Baton Rouge and spends his whole work day taking shit from clients, superiors and subordinates as he handles accounts.

When he gets home at night he is in no mood to listen to complaining and crap from anyone. Least of all his wife, Linda.

So one hot day last summer he came home to a house that smelled like a cat box that needed emptying, and a bitchy woman who started in as soon as he walked through the door. Something just snapped.

His wife started complaining about him not leaving her enough on the credit card to pay the cable bill or for the new microwave she wanted. Mr.Gordon looked about, then picked up the fly swatter laying nearby and started spanking her ass with it. She pushed him away and told him to stop, calling him an “asshole” in the process.

That did it !

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Spanking Discipline In Marriage

Ever since I was a little kid, my dad kept a paddle painted green with holes drilled in it, which he said always gave it a little more “sting”. When I asked him what it was for he said, “Discipline, son, a man has to keep his wife in line!”

Many were the nights I could hear him paddling mom when he thought I was asleep. She would put up an awful fuss as he paddled her and sometimes I would creep to their bedroom door and peer through the keyhole to see my mother across his lap, completely naked with her tits hanging down, getting her big bare bottom turned a bright red!

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