Wife Paddled For Exhibitionism

My wife Joanna, vexes me no end with her constant need to expose herself to strange men in public. She often likes to go out wearing a short skirt with no underwear on underneath, and puts herself in situations where men can see up her skirt in such a way that modesty goes straight out the window.

Spanked For Exposing Herself

I have caught her exposing herself everywhere from fast food restaurants to gas stations to the food court at the local mall. In fact, one time I caught her sitting in the public library, with her legs spread at one of the chairs near the large picture windows that opens onto a busy street with her naked vulva exposed to any passerby! One time I even got a call from the security office at the mall because she had been seen sitting at one of the tables spread legged while groups of high school boys sat around laughing, pointing and even taking photos on their cell phones which they later posted to Facebook and YouTube!

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She claims that she does all this unknowingly, but I know that is pure bunk, because she often does it without wearing any underwear as I mentioned before. She tells me that she doesn’t like to wear underwear because it’s hot and confining and she enjoys the feeling of freedom and freshness that going pantyless provides. I think she just does it because she is a shameless harlot and in need of a good spanking, something I am all too ready to administer to her naughty bare bottom.

Last night I took her across my lap and gave her buns a paddling with a hairbrush for a good twenty minutes until her tears and ministrations for me to stop brought her punishment to an end. I then had her stand in the corner with her dress up and bright red bottom exposed for another half hour as I watched TV and enjoyed a beer on the couch. After that I told her if I catch her again exposing herself to strangers that I will not hesitate to paddle her in public next time before their very eyes!

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I know many husbands think that spanking your wife is something that doesn’t happen much anymore, but after talking to some of my married friends I find it is pretty common for husbands to spank their wives on a regular basis and I feel no shame in the fact that I paddled my wife good and hard when she deserves it. It might shock you to know that I even suspect my wife sometimes does these things just to make me mad enough to put her across my lap and spank her like a little girl. I think she derives some bizarre sexual pleasure from it, although she never would admit such to me.

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I also have instructed her not to leave the house unless she is wearing underwear, especially if she’s going out in a short skirt or dress. It’s one thing if people see her panties, but exposing her naked crotch to strangers is something I am not prepared to tolerate. To remind her of what happens if she continues his behavior, I have begun hanging a small wooden paddle by the front door so she can see it every time she leaves the house and knows that I will not hesitate in applying it to her bare bottom upon her return if I discover she’s been exposing herself again.

Now the only thing I have to figure out is how to get all those people to take down the pictures and videos they have taken of her exposing herself in various locations, something that has proven to be most difficult in achieving. It seems once a picture is online it is impossible to erase and now I must frequently endure the taunts and teasing of my friends who come across pictures of my wife with her legs spread online. I can only take solace in the fact that I know that she has been spanked properly for all her transgressions and if people derive sexual satisfaction from looking up her skirt, well then the deed has already been done and the punishment meted out.

Steve the spanker
[Married to an exhibitionist]

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Spanking Discipline In Marriage

Ever since I was a little kid, my dad kept a paddle painted green with holes drilled in it, which he said always gave it a little more “sting”. When I asked him what it was for he said, “Discipline, son, a man has to keep his wife in line!”

Many were the nights I could hear him paddling mom when he thought I was asleep. She would put up an awful fuss as he paddled her and sometimes I would creep to their bedroom door and peer through the keyhole to see my mother across his lap, completely naked with her tits hanging down, getting her big bare bottom turned a bright red!

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A Birthday Spanking From The Wife

My husband’s birthday is coming up, which gives me the perfect excuse to further humiliate him for being such a lousy mate. Over the last few months, I’ve tried to gently tell him to get in shape, maybe diet a little and try to dress better, but he’s just content to be a fat slob – and he’s getting fatter by the day!

Time to do something drastic!

So last week I went out and bought a leather paddle from some sleazy sex shop downtown. They had lot’s of gross stuff in there too, but I just wanted a paddle to spank his fat ass with until he gets it through his thick head I want to see a change in his behavior.

When he came home from work on Thursday I made me move. As soon as he came through the door and started for the couch I stepped in front of him.

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