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FREE Phone Sex Ebook

Hi, I’m Gina and you might on seen me on TV being interviewed as the “phone sex ebook girl”, a title I achieved by being the first woman to offer a FREE ebook filled with kinky, taboo and specialized phone sex numbers. Well, I’m back with a NEW and TOTALLY UPDATED list of numbers (along with descriptions of what you’ll find if you call) and I want to offer it FREE to all readers of this site.

FREE Phone Sex Ebook HERE!

Many guys who work on the road or travel a lot LOVE to keep a copy tucked away for some private fun when they’re away and have written me how much they enjoy the listings and “research” I have done for them. My pleasure, guys! There’s something for everyone and yes, we got girls phone numbers who love to be spanked!

It’s 18 pages in a easy to read and print out PDF format and I invite anyone interested in phone sex to check it out – I’ve even included a couple of bonus numbers that you might just find, um, interesting, hehe..

Be advised – it’s for ADULTS only!