spanked wife

Letter From A Spanked Wife

Many of my girlfriends would be quite surprised to learn that my husband spanks me on a regular basis, in fact I insist upon it! It is a wife’s duty to be obedient to her husband, and to make sure that he’s always happy. And sometimes, he needs to spank her to keep her on the correct path. If this sounds a little old-fashioned, then that’s too bad, because I feel that a wife should be subservient and always ready to tend to her husband’s wants and needs.

In the household where I was raised, being spanked was a common occurrence, my father, a very religious man, believed that young girls would stray from the path of righteousness if not spanked regularly. My mother agreed as she had been spanked by her parents up until she went away to college, and even once married, felt the correcting sting of her husbands hand and paddle on her bare bottom.

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Spanking Discipline In Marriage

Ever since I was a little kid, my dad kept a paddle painted green with holes drilled in it, which he said always gave it a little more “sting”. When I asked him what it was for he said, “Discipline, son, a man has to keep his wife in line!”

Many were the nights I could hear him paddling mom when he thought I was asleep. She would put up an awful fuss as he paddled her and sometimes I would creep to their bedroom door and peer through the keyhole to see my mother across his lap, completely naked with her tits hanging down, getting her big bare bottom turned a bright red!

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Spanking Romance Stories – Punished Wives Collection

Spanked By Dracula

I hate tuna casserole. Just the smell of that crap makes me want to puke and I expressly told my beautiful young wife Melissa NEVER to serve it to me.

So last night when I got home what did I find in the oven? Tuna casserole!

That little bitch!

Sometimes I think she does it on purpose just to piss me off. usually she’s a sweetheart, but like all women, she can be a brat. So I took matters in hand like a REAL man should!

“Melissa, get in here NOW!”

She was in the next room reading another collection of sex stories she had downloaded in her new Kindle.

“I’m busy, Honey” she called back “Dinner’s in the oven”

“That’s what I want to talk to you about. Come in here!”

I heard her swear and get up from the couch. Walking into the kitchen she stood there with a WTF look on her face, hand on her hip and I couldn’t help but notice she looked pretty hot in her thin cotton house dress and pearls. A modern June Cleaver. I pounced on her.

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