spanking orgasm

First Spanking Orgasm

Sandra remembered the first time she had been spanked by a woman, and how much it turned her on.

It was back in school and she was sent to the office of the Manfredi Christian School For Girls disciplinarian, Sister Harriet, a stern fifty-year old woman who seems to take particular delight in the spanking the bare bottoms of the young girls sent to her for “correction”.

Poor Sandra had been caught sleeping in class, day dreaming actually, and when called upon to report her sums to the teacher drew a blank. Accordingly she was sent down for a thrashing by sister Harriet.

Upon entering the nun’s cramped, dark office, sister Harriet wasted no time in getting down to business.

“Sandra, remove your jumper and come over here ” she said, pushing back from her old oak desk and patting her lap “I want you across my lap with your skirt up”.

The young girl did as she was told, as all the girls at the school had a healthy fear of sister Harried and knew better than to enrage her by being slow to do as she asked.

Once across the older matron’s lap, Sandra felt a finger in the hem of her knickers and a quick flick as sister Harriet took them right down past her knees, baring her bottom.

“There, now we can begin”

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