Blushing Cheeks: Volume Two: A Spanking Story Anthology from Blushing Books

Brutal Spanking Stories – An Erotic Story Collection

Spanked By Dracula

I hate tuna casserole. Just the smell of that crap makes me want to puke and I expressly told my beautiful young wife Melissa NEVER to serve it to me.

So last night when I got home what did I find in the oven? Tuna casserole!

That little bitch!

Sometimes I think she does it on purpose just to piss me off. usually she’s a sweetheart, but like all women, she can be a brat. So I took matters in hand like a REAL man should!

“Melissa, get in here NOW!”

She was in the next room reading another collection of sex stories she had downloaded in her new Kindle.

“I’m busy, Honey” she called back “Dinner’s in the oven”

“That’s what I want to talk to you about. Come in here!”

I heard her swear and get up from the couch. Walking into the kitchen she stood there with a WTF look on her face, hand on her hip and I couldn’t help but notice she looked pretty hot in her thin cotton house dress and pearls. A modern June Cleaver. I pounced on her.

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