Wife Spanked With A Fly Swatter

Mr. Gordon is the second Assistant Manager of an electronics firm in Baton Rouge and spends his whole work day taking shit from clients, superiors and subordinates as he handles accounts.

When he gets home at night he is in no mood to listen to complaining and crap from anyone. Least of all his wife, Linda.

So one hot day last summer he came home to a house that smelled like a cat box that needed emptying, and a bitchy woman who started in as soon as he walked through the door. Something just snapped.

His wife started complaining about him not leaving her enough on the credit card to pay the cable bill or for the new microwave she wanted. Mr.Gordon looked about, then picked up the fly swatter laying nearby and started spanking her ass with it. She pushed him away and told him to stop, calling him an “asshole” in the process.

That did it !

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A Quick Spanking

After Mr. Sipple picked up his wife Margaret at the doctor’s office, he made a side trip to another neighborhood and told his wife he would only be a minute. What the poor, unsuspecting woman didn’t know was that she was sitting in the driveway of his mistress, Diana, who he just couldn’t hold off seeing.

You see, earlier in the doctor’s waiting room while waiting for his wife to finish, he had witnessed a mother spank her misbehaving young daughter for talking back. The sight of those bare little cheeks, the white cotton panties pulled down around her knees and sounds of the mother’s hand slapping away made his cock and balls just ache!

He had to get some release right now!

Knowing he’d only have a minute or two, he made an excuse to his wife that he had to pick up some files from a friend who worked at home and would be right out. Margaret sat there with the engine running as he ran up the steps of the apartment building.

When he got inside, his mistress was surprised to see him.

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Spanked For Breakfast

Today I was late for work.


My husband decided I had spent way too much money on jewelry over the weekend, and when he got the bill he went ballistic!

Summoning me to his office (he works at home as a typist for a large medical company) he insisted on bending me over the desk, taking down my panties and submitting to him spanking my bare bottom with his leather belt!

The bastard!

It hurt like Hell, and I have no shame in admitting I cried.

Afterwards I pulled down my skirt, pulled up my panties and went to work, biting my lip and blubbering all the way there in the car.

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